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Vote for Kevin!

I am Kevin Bracken, current Castle Rock Mayor Pro Tem.  I am proud to serve on the Castle Rock Town Council and look forward to serving again. 

-Currently a Castle View HS Football and Wrestling Coach

- US Olympic Training Center Coach & US Olympian.

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Kevin Bracken

For Castle Rock Town Council

Fought For You In The Olympics – Will Continue the Fight For You On Town Council

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Homelessness in Castle Rock & Town Council Answers



Fighting For


Castle Rock Homelessness

  • Stopped a Douglas County Proposed Homeless Shelter in Castle Rock (5-2 Vote)

  • Opposed to any Homeless Shelter in the Town of Castle Rock

  • Working With the Police Chief to Address Homelessness in Castle Rock

Fighting For


Development Services

  • Downzoning of Dawson Trails New Homes Less 2,050 Homes (was Zoned in 1980)

  • Dawson Trails Added 975 Acres of Open Space

  • Downzoning of Dawson Trails Commercial Square Feet by 16,800,000 SF. (was Zoned for 20M. SF in 1980)   

  • Voted for the Train Horn Quiet Zone Paid by Developers 

  • Passed a Parking Requirement for Future Downtown Deployment  

  • Voted (4-3 Vote) for Zoning on 408 Public-Parking Spaces Downtown, Built by Developers, Paid by the Project 

  • Voted for the Approval of the Crystal Valley Interchange, Wolfensberger, & Plum Creek Road Widening and Improvements

  • Increased Handicap Parking Downtown

Fighting For


Fiscal Responsibility

  • Approved Budgets for Community Partnerships, Lights Over Downtown, Festivals, DC Parade, Star Lighting, Carriage Rides, and Concerts. Preserving the Character of Castle Rock

Fighting For


COVID Leadership

  • Approved a Program for Over 50 Small Business (To Stay Open) With 0% Interest Loans 

  • Appointed to the Douglas County Board of Health

  • Chairman of the Public Health Advisory Committee that Developed the Guiding Documents for the Newly Formed DC Health Department  

Fighting For



  • Currently Serving on the Water Resource Committee to Secure Future Water for Our Town

  • Approved New Restrictions on New Home Builds 

  • Changes: Front Yard Xeriscaspe, 50sf of Grass Max Regardless of Lot Size, 70% Plant Coverage so Developers Can Not Dump Rocks as a Project Plan  

Fighting For


Police and Fire

  • Voted to Add 9 New First Responders

  • Add a License Plate Reader to Detect Stolen Vehicle  

  • Working with CRPD on Speeding on Meadows 

  • Add a Speed Bump by Butterfield Park

  • My Father is a Retired Fireman - I Support the Police and Fire 100%

Fighting For

Property Rights

Property Rights

  • I proposed zoning that passed to restrict developers

  • All developers are now required to have further setbacks (buffer zone) 

  • Additional trees and beautification requirements in the buffer zone required

  • Additional trail connectivity recommendations for developers



Contact me if you have any questions or concerns, or 720-467-2688.

Be sure to watch the videos of the comments from Tim Dietz from the Vote (5-2) him supporting a homeless shelters in Castle Rock.  My understanding is that Dietz is supporting my opponent.       


You might have heard that 2 Douglas County Commissioners were considering establishing a temporary shelter (Pods) for those experiencing homelessness on land the County owns – including at a site within Castle Rock boundaries, near the County’s Justice Center.  I took the lead with Town Council to the Commissioners opposing that plan, for which the Town Council vote passed 5-2.


Councilmember Tim Dietz of Crystal Valley advocated for the homeless shelter (at the Justice Center, in Castle Rock) and said: “Let’s get behind this, folks” & “I actually support the shelter because I have seen the ins and outs”.  It is my understanding that Tim Dietz is now supporting and mentoring my opponent running for Town Council. Please be sure to watch the videos.   


The County ultimately did not move forward with purchasing the structures based on pressure from this opposing effort; and now in the Meadows, a church has proposed housing structures and Pods for 200 people, I have no intention of re-zoning the property for this use.


I need your support to keep our community and property values safe.

Please know that I am opposed to the installation of a shelter site within Castle Rock, however, I am continuing to work closely with the Castle Rock Police Department and our Town Attorney’s Office in pursuit of the best solutions for this complex issue that’s facing our Town.  Castle Rock Police Department has contacted all long-term homeless offering services, vouchers, job search, a ride to where they are from, to be near family.  This work continues with hope that they will accept help.




(I know the construction sucks – the alternative is worse than not fixing our roads)

Like you, I’m not happy with all the new home construction on the east side of Town, however, these projects were zoned and approved years ago; and Colorado law protects developers with their property rights.   Regardless, this construction puts pressure on all districts and ours need improvement right now. Notice the Down Zoning I passed with Dawson Trails, with the Property Owners permission, per Colorado Law.

Five-year Capital Improvement Plan is approved.  One major category of projects included within that plan are those that increase capacity on Town roads.  Three of these projects planned over the next five years will be of particular importance to District 3: 1) the widening of Wolfensberger Road, 2) the widening of Prairie Hawk Drive, and 3) the widening of Plum Creek Parkway near the MAC (Miller Activity Complex).

The design of the Wolfensberger Road widening project is already in progress.  It will begin at Prairie Hawk Drive and extend west to the Town limits.  Two lanes will be added to bring the total to four lanes – two in each direction. A roundabout will be added at Red Hawk Drive, along with bike lanes and sidewalks along the stretches that don’t already have those.  Construction of this project is anticipated to begin in 2025.

The widening of Prairie Hawk Drive is planned to occur in three phases:

  1. The first, from Wolfensberger Road north to Melting Snow Way, will be designed next year; and construction is projected to begin in 2024.

  2. Also, with design planned next year and construction anticipated in 2024 will be a new portion of Prairie Hawk from Plum Creek Parkway to the proposed Brickyard development at the former Acme Brick site.  The Town is exploring the addition of an indoor sports development center as part of that development which can be accessed by this new portion of Prairie Hawk.  The initial phase would end in a roundabout, which would greatly help support that project.

  3. The final phase of improvements to Prairie Hawk – from Topeka Way north to Wolfensberger Road – would be designed in 2024 and would begin construction in 2026 under the Town’s current planning.  The timing of the Prairie Hawk projects is dependent on development occurring in this area as proposed and could change depending on the activity at the Brickyard and Miller’s Landing properties. 


I will keep you updated on any changes that affect our District.


The final road project, the widening of Plum Creek Parkway to two lanes in each direction between Wolfensberger Road and the MAC entrance, is planned to be designed in 2023 and to begin construction in 2024.  The timing of this project might also need to be adjusted in coordination with development projects in the area, which includes a requirement to widen Plum Creek Parkway from I-25 to the MAC entrance.

Altogether, these projects represent more than $40 million in planned Town investments in road capacity projects in our area of Castle Rock.


WATER - This could be our first or second largest problem to solve 

On 9/20/22 I restricted any new home built in Castle Rock to include zeroscape, back and front yards.  This will ensure that the current resident of Castle Rock have more water for their families and homes  (Home builds out east and south will have Millions of Gallons of Water Restricted to go to our current residents). This will save us Millions and Millions of gallons of Water. Town of Castle Rock Water "This is the biggest impact on our future water since I have been with Castle Rock Water" Changes: Front Yard Xeriscaspe, 50sf of Grass Max Regardless of Lot Size, 70% Plant Coverage so Developers Can Not Dump Rocks as a Project Plan  


I personally, proposed zoning that passed to restrict developers with dissimilar topography (higher zoning than the current homes), next to your home.  What does this mean to you?  If your home backs up to a development project.  The developer now has restrictions based on your single-family home and must comply with the restrictions.  All developers are now required to have further setbacks (buffer zone) from your property line or home. When possible, match sightlines with the new builds that bordering the property.  Additional volume of trees and beautification requirements in the buffer zone for privacy and ease of transition are now required.  The developers are required to make the best effort to match the façade of the existing homes.  Depending on the size of the project they are required to have trail connectivity.



Another important update to share is that, per the Town’s fire master plan, Castle Rock Fire and Rescue is exploring potential fire station locations and attempting to secure property within its Planning Zone 9, which covers 4.6 square miles encompassing southern portions of The Meadows, Red Hawk, Castle Highlands and Miller’s Landing.  


CRFD’s current call volume within Planning Zone 9 does not indicate the immediate need for an additional station there.  However, as the fire stations Downtown and on Prairie Hawk Drive continue to get busier, the Town may need to add a station in this area to continue to ensure adequate response times.  The Fire Department monitors this continually and reports to the Town Manager and Town Council regularly on the status of our need for new stations.
Once land for this future fire station is found, its purchase will be a Town Council agenda item on which public comment will be solicited. Visit, and follow the link to “Sign up for Council email updates” for emails highlighting what’s coming up on the Town Council’s agendas and for recaps of what happened at our meetings.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone reading for their patience and understanding as crews recently worked on the Town’s behalf to resurface Wolfensberger Road between Interstate 25 and Park Street.  We recognize the work was inconvenient, but the improvement was important to extending the life of this important Town asset on which many of us travel daily.


As I noted above, I hope you will feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.  In addition to me, you’re always welcome to reach out to Town Manager David Corliss,  I also hope you will relay this update to the residents of your communities.

Thank you for your interest in the Town of Castle Rock.


Kevin Bracken

Mayor Pro Tem and District 3 Councilmember

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